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EPISODE 036: How to hike with kids - HIKE OR DIE Outdoor Adventure Podcast

November 28, 2021

There's an art to taking kids into the wilderness, keeping them entertained, engaged and safe, but also creating an experience that they want to be part of next time. That goes for the parents or carers too. If you don't enjoy the process and adventure, then you won't be as inclined to jump at the next opportunity.

In this episode, we share all of our tips and recommendations to help steer you in the right direction when planning and embarking on an outdoor adventure with children. It doesn't have to be as intimidating as it first appears and we give plenty of insights and tangible advice based on what has worked for us in the past with our own families. It's time to get those kids outdoors and start introducing the next generation to the wonders of the outdoors. This episode might just be the last last piece of the puzzle you've been looking for!

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