HIKE OR DIE Outdoor Adventure Podcast

Episode 025: Hiking Training Specialist Chase Tucker - Hike or Die Outdoor Adventure Podcast

June 6, 2020

Chase Tucker loves preparing climbers and hikers for the mountains. As soon as you begin talking to him it's quite obvious. He also has an extensive knowledge of the kind of mobility required to tackle the kind of terrain you find in the wilderness. He's a mountain training specialist but as we found out, there's a lot more layers to Chase than a stereotypical fitness trainer. We get pretty deep on a whole bunch of topics from Wim Hof breathing to dopamine fasting and even journal writing.
It was a very enjoyable podcast to present and we were privileged to share so much time with him. If you want to connect both your mental and physical attributes to better conquer the mountains, then this may just be the episode for you.
Visit our Podcast Show Notes page for access to all the information and references we have discussed on this episode.

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